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three steps does the rest. We secure and store your video and information in our Ultra-Secure Data Banks in perpetuity, always maintaining your privacy at the highest standards. We insure that the data is always formatted to the latest viewing technology so that after, and only after, you are gone, your MyLifeMarker Video is ready for viewing. So, come on in and let’s get started.

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From the beginning of time, cemeteries and graveyards were visited by friends and families of the deceased. It was here they reminisced and reflected and then passed on the family history. People purchased very expensive monuments, headstones, grave markers, crypts and mausoleums as a way to show honor and remembrance.

Today, family members are more mobile and move far away, making visiting too costly. Thus, old customs are quickly fading into the past and yet the heart still longs for their loved one.  Some just want one more chance to visit. If only the wonderful memory of life could be preserved like "time in a bottle."

NOW for a fraction of the cost of past ways, we have where you make and store your own MyLifeMarker video for your loved ones. This virtual memorial will be a TIME CAPSULE that carries you into the future.

Wouldn’t you agree that preserving the memory of yourself for your loved ones would be priceless and timeless when the time comes? will be used by your children and their children’s children as their way to remember who you are, know their roots and see how they became who they are. Leave as many messages or videos as you like all stored securely in the Cloud.

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